In August 2011 I went from a working mom of 2 to a stay at home mom of 3 and expat. I’ve never looked back. It has been exciting, frustrating, lonely, and thrilling but never boring. We’ve lived in on 3 continents in 2 hemispheres and along the way I’m trying to figure out the basics like how do you get a toddler to eat their dinner?

I am originally from Seattle. I’ve always loved travel and food. Since starting our adventure my wanderlust has only grown and I’ve discovered a love of cooking along the way. After 6 years working at a fast paced technology company I have enjoyed slowing things way down. When not chasing the kids, I usually have some sort of project going whether that be making my own cheese or a new cleaning concoction. So far the results have been mostly positive.

wanderingbly is all about my adventures both traveling and at home.


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