Adriatic Ambles

It’s fall break and we are spending five days in Croatia. Jamie did some research and we decided to stay in Volosko, a little town known for its seafood restaurants and just a few minutes outside of Opatija more of a resort destination. It’s warm and sunny, crisp in the shade, gorgeous views of the Adriatic, and more seafood than we could eat, it is pretty much perfect. This summer we spent a long weekend in Slovenia on Lake Bled and we loved it. We spent some time in Montenegro and found it beautiful. Now Croatia is easily living up to its reputation. I think I have become a convert to the Adriatics when it comes to family holidays.


We have found both Slovenia and Croatia to be so beautiful. Whether it is the castle in the centre of Lake Bled or the unending views of the ocean in Volosko. The towns are old world charming, a mix of old shutters, hanging laundry, and that special paint fading that only happens in places that are hot and sunny most of the year. What has been missing are the throngs of tourists. So far we have been lucky to find places that are busy and lively but not overrun with toursitis and crowds. Italy is my favourite place in the world but Florence in the summer is an exercise in patience as all you will do is wait in line. In Ljubljana we were able to head straight up to the castle, stumble upon a local band giving a small concert in the lawn, and find a little café to sit and have a quick coffee without having to fight for a place. It makes the day feel so much more relaxed and after a quick 4 or 5 days away it feels like we have had a holiday.

Watch out, mommy swan was actually coming for her toes. Lake Bled, Slovenia
We rented a boat and got to the island by dad power. Lake Bled, Slovenia
Lake Bled, Slovenia
Every meal ended up looking like this all weekend… Lake Bled, Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Churches never disappoint. This is how a door should look. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor, Montenegro
Morning view. Volosko, Croatia
Coffee on the dock. Volosko, Croatia
Volosko, Croatia
Volosko, Croatia
Life goals. Volosko, Croatia
Croatia by boat. Opatija, Croatia
Volosko, Croatia
Volosko, Croatia
Opatija, Croatia
Maiden with the Seagull. Opatija, Croatia

I have a feeling that as we plan our holidays going forward we will probably be spending a lot more time heading east than we used to. 


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