Ch ch ch changes

There are times when it feels like we’ve moved from one stage to the next so Kellen starting school last week has marked a new phase in our house. First of all he loves school. They call this year Foundation 1 (preschool) so he goes and gets to play with other kids for 3 hours each morning. The room is set up as stations and the kids get to move around freely to play in each area, they also have outside play time. He gets a little snack which requires them first sitting quietly on the rug before moving to the snack tables but overall it’s play time. Each Monday and Wednesday a couple new kids join the class so it won’t be until the end of October that the whole class has started. It’s a nice transition into learning the basics of going to school. They are all 3 so little things like using a school bathroom, getting into the routine of hanging up your coat, sitting nicely during snack, those are all big lessons.
So far the sand table is his favourite, there are dinosaurs buried in the sand so digging them out provides endless entertainment. He has started bringing his paintings home and can proudly make the signs for milk and please. Once a week they go to music in the big kid section of the school and Kellen was showing off his new songs on our walk home on Monday. Overall it has been great for him, he was ready to go and is excited each morning.
Almost a bigger change has been Ella over the last few weeks. She is not only cruising but she is incredibly independent. On Sunday we had friends over for dinner and the back door was open since it was a nice day, suddenly we look out and there is Ella in the backyard inside the toy car looking pleased with herself. Now that Kellen is in school each morning we are enjoying Ella and Mama one on one time. It feels like such a treat to have uninterrupted time with Ella and be able to give her all my attention.  She is now a toddler who acts silly to make her brothers laugh and gets incredibly impatient when she doesn’t get what she wants.
There was a point when Ella was about 6 months old that I felt so sad that Ella was my last baby. To not have the joy and excitement of a newborn again, the special bond that you have with an infant. I joked that I didn’t want any more kids just babies. I felt like every time Ella changed or moved on to a new stage I wished she would slow down, I wanted to enjoy every moment. Now as she becomes a toddler I’m enjoying not having a tiny baby anymore. We were able to get rid of the swing and exersaucer; I don’t have to make baby food anymore, no more nursing any time of day or night. While I still need to carry diapers a large purse is now enough, my diaper bag days are over. 
As we settle into our new routine of sending both boys off to school in the morning. I’ll be daydreaming of the days when our house is changing table free.

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