Happy 2nd Birthday Kellen

We are officially 7 days away from Baby Girl’s big arrival and I can’t tell you how quickly I hope those 7 days pass. But before the 16th gets here there is a very important day taking place… Kellen’s 2nd birthday is August 13th! I don’t know that there is a 2 year old around who loves birthdays as much as my little guy. Not only does he force people to sing happy birthday to him on a regular basis, it is even sometimes our bedtime song, but he talks about the party and the cake all the time. Last weekend he rounded up his closest toddler friends and they all went swimming then of course we had birthday cake. He was in heaven, the very next morning he started asking for his next birthday party.

Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones but I can’t help but be amazed that it has already been 2 years and how much my little mini has changed in such a short period of time. My once happy lazy bones baby is now a full out terrible twos toddler who fluctuates between a total snuggly love and a terror intent on finding Mom and Dad’s breaking points. I’m worried he just might succeed one of these daysJ.
Happy Birthday Kellen!!
The two most handsome brothers I know.

6 months old and boy did he fill out.

1 year old and ready to start trouble.

After that first year good luck keeping up.

And now he’s 2!


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