Keeping Things Interesting

Well things are starting to get interesting in our household. So far this pregnancy has been so much easier than when I was pregnant with Kellen, I’m so thankful to have a great Doctor that has been really proactive in trying to prevent the blood pressure issues I had last time but given my history it was somewhat inevitable that at some point my blood pressure would start to creep up. A few weeks ago my doctor started to notice that my blood pressure was starting to go up slowly so she started with weekly appointments and Non Stress Tests each week. Last Friday it had gone up more than expected so I was put on bed rest until I can get in for an ultrasound and another visit that I now have scheduled for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will see if bed rest continues or I’m back to work on Thursday.

Last time we went through all of this I was barely 30 weeks and the first focus was making it to 32 weeks, then 35 weeks and eventually the little stinker was born at almost 39 weeks. Chubby cheeks and all he was healthy as can be. This time I’m already 36 weeks and honestly if baby looks healthy I wouldn’t mind meeting her sooner than later…  In reality no I don’t want baby to be born any earlier then she should be but in moments of weakness when I can’t breathe, bend over or sleep through the night I’m so over being pregnant.
So tomorrow we will see it’s either a few more weeks of laying low or back to work. In my wishful thinking I also keep picturing Jamie and my Mom suited up for the delivery again.

On the moving front things are starting to progress there as well. We now have packing dates; the movers will be at the house on August 15th to pack our things. We’ve also started to work with the destination services people and think we may have found the right neighborhood for us. It’s called Maidenhead and is located in between Reading and London so is accessible both to work and all of the activities we could want in London as well. We’ve also gotten some clarification on how to navigate the Local Authority to get Patrick enrolled in school. Our visa process has been started and we’ve gotten the directions on how to get a bank account in the UK, which from everything we’ve heard is actually one of the most time consuming parts of the entire relocation process.

There is still a lot to figure out but I’ll take the small victories.

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