Aren’t You Excited?

People keep saying “You must be so excited!” I say I am and we chat about all the wonderful things that living in Europe should mean, travel, food, etc. But to be honest it’s been really hard to get excited.
I’m very much looking forward to moving and think we made the right decision but the logistics of moving have been so overwhelming, or more realistically our lack of progress on the logistics of the move have been so overwhelming. So far we have learned that everything hinges on getting an address, which hinges on the house hunting trip, which hinges on your visa timing which by the way is dangerously close to Baby Girl’s birthday…
So it looks like the first real step is a house hunting trip the last week of July.  Jamie will have to go on his own but it’s his mission to settle on a neighborhood if not find a house that week. The destination services people have you complete a questionnaire outlining what your biggest priorities are commute time, school district, price, size, etc. Then once you arrive they take you on tours of the areas that best match your priorities. Once we have a set area then we can move forward with Patrick school, which really of all the unknowns is the biggest priority to get settled.
So in the meantime I’ve tried to focus on the area I have a bit more control of, I’ve done my shopping for Baby Girl since I can’t put a room together I’ve washed all her clothes and have them all packed and organized by size to send to Grandma and Papa’s house. I’m also wrapping up as much as I can for work. It’s daunting to think that in just 4 weeks I won’t be working anymore. Some days it feels like it can’t come soon enough, other days I feel terrified that I’ll never find another job a enjoy again.
We’ve also been super buys with family events as usual and this year I’m really trying to enjoy the time we are all together. I am going to miss seeing everyone on such a regular basis and have already starting to try and plant the seeds as to why they should all come out to visit.
Here are some of our highlights of the last few weeks.
The weekend in Ocean Shores started with sleepy mornings on the deck.
4th of July BBQ, I made everyone wear their USA shirts for the picture. Patrick only wore his for as long as it took to take. But come on it’s our last 4th for a few years; we needed to ham it up a bit.
My Birthday Party, thank you as usual Mom and Dad!
And Edgar’s baptism! He was so perfect through the whole mass and I couldn’t be a prouder Godmother.
So to answer the question, when I do sit back and think about November when we are all under the same roof again. We will have Baby Girl with us, we will be living the UK and we will be starting our new adventure, I am really excited for that. It’s just the 3 months in between that are a bit daunting.

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