Here we go

Our growing family is about to embark on a grand adventure and my hope is this blog will be a good way to keep friends and family updated on first our moving plans and timeline and then our adventures once we are on our way. As long as Jamie and I have been dating (10 years!) we have daydreamed about moving abroad to experience both living in another country as well as to travel as much as possible. As our family has grown, and continues to grow, we still have hoped to get the experience to move abroad. Well finally there is an opportunity that makes sense for us both personally and professionally so we are jumping at the chance to move to the UK.
We will be moving to Reading, Berkshire in England. It’s been described as the tech center of Western Europe and most people have compared it to a larger version of Bellevue. We’ll be a 30 minute train ride outside of London in one direction and 50 minute drive to Stonehenge the other direction. One of the biggest events in Reading each year is the Reading Music Festival each year. We’ve already started to hunt for cheap airfare around Europe and are making our list of cities within short train rides.
In reality we have a lot to do before we can actually move. In the next 4 months we need to rent our house, find a school for Patrick, find a house in Reading, sell our cars, sell anything else we don’t plan on moving, I need to wrap up my job and oh yeah have a baby! Baby girl Bly is scheduled to be born on August 16th, just 3 days after Kellen turns 2 years old. Luckily for us Papa and Grandma have agreed to have us as extended house guests once the baby arrives. I think Grandma’s timeline and my timeline may be a bit different, I think she suggested we stay for 6 months at one point J.
So as we embark on this new adventure we will be sad to leave such wonderful family and friends behind but hope that you will all come to visit. We’re trying to find a house with an extra bedroom as we fully expect regular house guests.
Check back soon, I’ll do my best to post regular updates as our plans unfold. I’m sure you’ll also see plenty of cute pictures and videos of the kids.
With Love,

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